How to custom fit your running shoes

If you ever went into your favorite running store to buy a new pair of running shoes and wanted to run right back out of the store due to the complexity associated with purchasing the right shoe for your feet -  we can relate to how you felt.  We have good news - today the WSJ suggested 'Ways of Helping You Buy Running Shoes' and we wanted to share their thoughts below: Some stores now offer their customers 'High-tech evaluations using treadmills, cameras and other methods' that help their customers find the correct shoes.  These evaluations will help you determine if your feet:
  • Roll inward
  • Roll outward
  • Maintain a Neutral footfall
Once you know this information it will help you determine what running shoe would be the best for you. WSJ went to four stores including Fleet Feet Sports, New York Running Co., Road Runner Sports and Seattle Running Co and found that most of the High-tech Evaluations are more of a 'teaching tool' for their customers although the tests seemed to offer information that the buyer might have not known.  Although the stores also mentioned that they can offer the same advice by just looking at a customers' older shoes along with watching them run/walk. Either way at least we know what we are looking for now in our running shoes and hopefully this will help make our trip to the running store a little less stressful (also we can now have a little fun at the store finding out this information)!

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