How to Heal Dry Cracked Hands

Here's some techniques that will help Heal Your Winter Dry Cracked Hands: Hand Washing:  Choose a moisturizing soap that contains ingredients on the label like, aloe, shea butter and olive oil. Moisturizing: Follow-up with a good moisturizing cream and apply it three times a day or after washing your hands. Search for lotions that includes ingredients such as shea butter and petrolatum. Protection: Try to wear protective gloves when household work that includes using detergents and other chemically substances.  Gloves can be purchased at local grocery stores, drug stores.etc. Hydration: Make sure you nourish your dry skin by drinking allot of water and other non-alcoholic beverages. You can also take a long bath to help with hydrating your skin. Nightime: Rub hands with calendula oil (inflammatory, antispasmodic, and helps with healing wounds. Useful for rashes, dry, chapped or cracked skin -especially useful for dry eczema) or flaxseed oil and cover hands with cotton socks.  Try to keep on for at least an hour and for better results sleep with socks on hands overnight. Additional information can be found on NativeRemedies and ehow: How to heal dry, cracked hands.

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