Complex Systems, including humans, become unstable, meltdown, then reconfigure in a better way, said 1978 Nobel Prize Winner

  • It's called "The theory of dissipative structures" by nobel prize Ilya Prigogine is that all complex structures reach a point where they become unstable, meltdown, crash, then "reconfigure in a better way." 
  • Many corporations are run that way as well.
  • Teams are broken down, and reorganized into new teams all the time.
  • Anticipate change, and the possibility that one's complex life, will eventually become unstable, then eventually you will be better for it. 
Source: "It's Not The End of the World, Developing Resilience in Times of Change" by Joan Borysenko  Questions:   Are there others areas where this theory could be applied?    What are the counter arguments to the "Theory of Dissipative Structures."

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