American Management Association website hosts a free webinar called 7 Critical Web Writing Mistakes

Presenter was Pamela Skillings, President and CEO of Skillful Communications Some Key concepts of the free webinar:
  • 79% of people scan when they read online
  • Make your text scan able by using lists, bullets, and headlines
  • Use common words to make your content easily read by search engines
  • Put your keyword's in your metatags
  • Keep  a conversational tone
  • Know your audience
  • Start with your most important information and work lower
  • Avoid dating your writing with jargon and material
  • has good examples of writing
  • Develop a regular process
The complete webinar can been here, though you have to be registered at the AMA homepage :  7 Critical Web Writing Mistakes   For a link to AMA's general website, follow this link to a post entitled Warren Buffet's advice on the best investment to make in challenging times.

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