How Colors Can Enhance Your Mood

Did you know that your mood and psychological state can be enhanced or lessened by surrounding yourself with different colors? A scientific study conducted by the University of British Columbia showed that colors and a mixture of colors have an effect on one’s brain.  If interested, here’s video from CBS describing the study in more detail. Watch CBS News Videos Online Here's some examples of colors that you can surround yourself with depending on your mood:
  • Yellow: Creates Heat, Memories
  • Red: Enthusiasm, Drive, Motivation
  • Orange: Creates Happiness, Alertness
  • Blue: Improves Creativity, Builds Trust
  • Green: Soothing
  • Brown: Warmth, Serenity
  • Black: Precision, Formality
You can also find more details on this subject by reviewing What Color is Your Mood? Understanding Chromotherapy written by Sabah Karimi from Associated Content, Inc.

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